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Behind the beautiful interface, M0VE is a diverse event ticketing platform that mixes social features to expose your event to it's fullest promotional potential, while being powerful enough to manage every aspect of your event ticketing online needs.

Power your events with style & simplicity

Last Updated for M0VE V1 June 24, 2016 by Dave

M0VE App Docs.


Hi there! Welcome to M0VE's Help docs. Here to help with all there has to do with M0ve. Below is our full help docs that walks you through each feature in which M0VE's Current version has. These Help Docs. Are updated after every launch of a new M0VE version. You can stay updated about upcoming updates on M0VE App Blog Page.

Within the Navigation section you can quickly navigate to section within the docs by topic. (A custom search will be updated soon.) Actions Drop down button leads you to other pages that are related to these help docs.

At anytime please drop us a email with any suggestions so we can improve our docs in anyway possible!

Getting started

Creating an Account

Choosing your account tip. M0ve is separated to serve by user type. Dependent on the user type M0ve caters to your experience. Below is descriptions by account type, we hope this will aid in deciding on what account type that might be suitable for your experience.
Regular User - Aimed toward users that wish to find events within their given area, that matches their personal preferences when choosing events to attend. With a regular account type users are able to find, view, and share events with other users. They are also able to share updated experiences to other users that follow their account.
Venue Account - Aimed toward users that own or operate a bar, music venue or just about anywhere that creates events. The account goals are to make your life and running your Venue a little easier. M0ve allows you to sell events to users anywhere by simply linking a bank account. M0ve helps you market an event to consumers that matches your events demographics simply and conveniently. M0ve, also adds your Venue’s profile to a registry of venues that allows your Venue to easily be marketed and found by event organizers and promoters of all types. M0ve strives to assist your Venue to increase bookings as well as an increase in your event sales.
Page Account - This user account is aimed toward accounts that wish to create events for either an organization or for themselves personally . No matter if you are a corporate entity, promotion company, individual promoter or even a celebrity or socialite, M0ve’s page account is perfect for users that wish to create events similar to a venues but doesn’t have a single location, but is hosted as an individual user event. (Example: Trapfest held in different cities)

Dealing With Financials

Payment Gateway

M0VE uses Stripe to Authorize Credit Card Purchases, Verifying Identity and Bank Related Transfers to individual M0VE Accounts. All information including credit card information (ie. Bank Cards, Routing & Account Numbers) or personal identifications numbers Never touches the M0VE server. Everything financial related is processed through Stripe. We Gaureentee none of your sensitive information is saved or accessed by M0ve.

Accepting Funds Through M0VE. If a user chooses a Page or Venue account they are immediately asked to create a Stripe Account through M0ve App. Connecting your Stripe Account to M0ve allows your account to take full advantage of what the platform has to offer. With your Stripe Account linked, you are able to accept payment for event bookings by simpling providing your banking information. User’s are able to easily create a Stripe Account without leaving M0ve by selecting a Managed Account Type. ( Only Available for U.S. & Canada) if you are a Page or Venue user outside of the United States you would have to either link or create your account through the Oauth Account. Oauth redirects you to Stripe where you can either sign up or link a Stripe account to M0ve. Upon account verification between M0ve and Stripe you will immediately be able to sell event tickets! **Stripe is an online banking solution similar to PayPal allowing individuals, small or large businesses to receive payments online safely with the utmost security! Additional Features dealing with payments will be displayed in a special section of M0ve App only available for Page and Venues users! It will include updated features, release dates, walkthroughs, pro-tips and much, much more to take full advantage of the platform!

App Fees We believe in keeping the process of creating events as simple and straight forward as possible. When creating & selling events through m0ve you are charged one fee per transaction. The fee consist of our platform fee which is at the small amount of a 50 cents per transaction. Also within that fee is the credit card processing fee which our payment platform charges at 1.75% + 30¢ for domestic cards and 2.9% + 30¢ for international or American Express cards.
I hate complications so I will set an example. Let's say you are selling a ticket at $25 flat. When someone purchases a ticket no matter the quantity they select we only charge for that one transaction. If the transaction ends up being $50 - the buyer pays that flat fee and before the proceeds of that transaction reach your account our fees will be deducted.
Here comes some math. So to figure out how much we are taking , in math sense we multiply the total $50 x .0175 *(This is stripes 1.75%)* + 30¢ + 50 cents (m0ve app fee) = $ 1.67. So out of that transaction $50, $2.17 will be deducted for fees before it reaches your account.
We currently don't support passing fees to an individual buyer, tax laws and variations must be consider but that feature is being developed.
Payment Gateway Used? What is Stripe? Stripe lets you to accept payments in minutes, from anywhere in the world. Stripe is a quick and secure way to accept credit card and debit card payments online. Stripe helps M0VE provide a seamless payment experience for you and your customers. Stripe processes billions of dollars a year and is used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide, including Fortune 500s and small businesses alike. You can learn more at www.stripe.com.

Creating Events (Page & Venue User)

To create an event in M0ve is quite simple! Once signed into your account make sure that your financial information is linked in order to receive proceeds from your event sales. Once your account is linked successfully with Stripe you are able to Create Events with no issues. Under your account’s Navigation Bar there is a Create Drop Down selection. Once chosen to create an event you will be guided to enter relevant information for that event along with ticket or admission ticket information. Once your event is created it is fed to M0ve’s marketing platform to appear to every M0ve user, also targeted users that fit an event’s demographics. The newly created event will also appear on the event’s creator user’s profile along with appearing on all feeds of the event’s creator followers.

View Cretaing Content for help tips dealing with created content on M0ve App.

Venue Explore Page

The Venue Explore Page is aimed toward Venue based businesses to gain more bookings. When an account is created, so is a profile that has a custom url that contains your username. ( Additional features are being added to more personalize and customize your profile page). Through the information entered within your profile, M0ve customizes your profile and displays it on a feed of Venues aimed toward usage by event planners; promoters; etc. The feed automatically updates on user’s location. Our goal is to be able to link Event Planners to Venues that fit the exact demographics and crowd that the Venue already has.

Event Explore Page

What is it? The Event Explore Page is an open active feed of events that is updated by user’s location. It is a simple guide for any user looking for events that fit their personal preferences. The Event Explore Page is a great tool and it is a free of charge marketing solution for your event. Once an event is created it is displayed on the Event Feed that is organized by date. Events closer to current date and time being first and further dates being last. Users are able to search and view events by price; location; age limit; and their personal preferences. The goal of the Event Explore Page is to enhance Page/Venue user’s event marketing strategy by targeting their specific demographic in the early stages of an event’s promoting process.

Dealing with Profiles ?

Regular Users: A regular user is able to upload a banner to personalize their profile, users are also able to specify Web Site link, Bio and Social Media links. Page/Venue Users: Page and Venue users are able to upload a custom background picture to personalize their account. Also, depending on the user’s account the user will be able to display extra information about their business or themselves. Difference between Page and Venue The main difference between a Page and Venue account is displayed through the profile capabilities. Venue profiles are offered opportunities to display information that specifically highlight their establishment, where as a Page is aimed toward highlighting, more of promotional or individual events. Event Support Email: Within your edit profile section you will see a selection that will allow you to enter a support email. The Event Support Email section is used to enter an email to receive event related emails regarding the events you have posted. For example: Any questions, complaints involving non online payment issues through M0ve will be directed to the email specified. *You are not able to upload more than three events, until a support email is provided. ( If you do not provide a event support email before you upload an event the email you signed up to create a M0ve account will be used as a default. Booking Inquiry Email: Also within your Edit Profile Section you are able to specify an email to receive Booking Inquiries Emails only. Within your Profile and in addition to the Venue Explore Page there is a Booking Inquiry Button. If a user selects this button they will be presented with a quick form to explain in detail their reason for contact. That form will be submitted to the email specified.

Feature List

Resharing Events! Users can easily reshare an event by simply selecting the Reshare Button that appears on the event itself. Once reshared the event will appear on the activity feed of the user the same as if the user created the event themselves. Only Page and Venue Users can create events but a regular user is able to share any event they choose. Posting a Moment! Users are able to post a memorable moment by selecting Create a Moment Selection on their account’s Navigation Bar. Users are able to upload a media file to represent the moment along with requiring to enter a location. Additional Features are being included to fully take advantage of the moment feature!

Refunds & Disputes

To file for a refund quickly as possible, you will need to file either a support ticket or contact support directly by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]

Please include the following when filing a refund/dispute. Either within the form of filing a support ticket or within an email to support
Full Name
Email used for purchase
Account Purchased From (User, who event you purchased ticket(s) from.)
Booking Confirmation ID
Transaction reference ID
Reason for refund

Please also include the user in which the purchase was placed and also a few sentences regarding the reason for the dispute and refund.
We take fraud & irresponsible users very seriously, within the process of a refund our staff personaly contacts the user who acts as the seller, along with open communication with the originator of dispute.
The quicker you file a dispute the better as time goes on, it'll be difficult to pin down your booking and to fairly reconcile the situation as time goes on.

Privacy Settings

Private Settings are being developed, including blocking users, private profiles, + more..