When did 9th emerge?

9th started as a workshop. Driven by curiosity, we’re a small group of designers, programmers, and creators that love to build. When experimenting with a variety of technologies we discovered conventions, tools, and strategies that allowed us to build software concepts fast.

We sought to share our ideas by establishing a consultancy service where we advised companies, founders, and entrepreneurs on our methodologies and approach to building products.

What does "9th Designs" mean?


During the early months of the pandemic, we limited our consulting services. It was clear we needed to focus on supporting our current clients and our proprietary software products.

As of now our consulting services are still limited, but we have some advanced services available that are aimed at companies, startups, and technical entrepreneurs.

Available consulting services

9th acts as a steward when advising partners, we leverage our experience, expertise, and unique perspective to bring your vision to life.

  • Web design
    • Custom HTML/CSS
    • Brand templates
  • Software templates
  • Rails architecture consulting
  • Team consulting - 9th as your CTO
    • Tech stack consulting
    • Team building (We'll hire and review devs for you)
    • Team training