From Your Mind To Reality.

@9th Designs, we focus solely on building you! Meaning, unlike other shops, we're not after just a dollar. Think of us as a fill in CTO, no matter if you are building a brand or business, bootstrapping a software product, have an specific monetization strategy for a product, or looking to release a quick prototype. 9th Designs works with you personally & efficiently.

Location: (Level Office Shared) 420 W Huron St,
Chicago, IL 60654

Web + Mobile App Development

We know the struggle of creating a product across multiple platforms. @9th, we are able to create Web Apps, (Web Apps = Web Sites that saves information), that act as the backend of your mobile app. Similiar to major technology companies, we create web applications that completely share & translate to your mobile application.

We handle the complexity

Having your designers & developers at one spot is a huge convenience, but we do more. Naturally having an entrepreneurial spirit, @9th, we focus on low costs while providing high quality. We handle & monitor development add ons, along with hosting, & user traffic control. Keeping your project as inexpensive as possible we focus on assisting you build a business.

Fully Responsive

Not ready for a Mobile App? No worries our web development is top notch! Our Web Apps & Sites are completely responsive on all devices. With the promise of no data loss no matter the size of the device.

Taking You From Launch & Beyond!

@9th Designs we are here for the long haul. Working side by side with you as you build the product & business of your dreams. @9th we're available to you, including weekly consultations plus other added benefits. We act as a fill in CTO (Chief Technology Officer).


We have the right package for you

Just Build

Standard Website or Web App design/dev.


Price varies after consultation.

  • E-commerce
  • Custom Design
  • Hosting
  • Domain Email (Example: [email protected])
  • Free Tri-Monthly Maintenance +
    Content Additions + More


Fill In CTO

We're apart of the team!


Price varies after consultation & complexity. Billed every 3 months.

  • Includes One Time Build incentives
  • Free Graphic Design Support
  • Legal + SEO Optimization
  • Weekly Consultations
  • Weekly Maintenance + Content Additions + More