9th Designs

We are a team of

9th Designs is a creative product studio based in Chicago (USA).

We provide web and application consulting while crafting proprietary tools of our own. Embracing simplicity, we create so others can thrive.


Client Technical Support:
Email "[email protected]"
or text (312) 725-6545‬

Similar to a craftsman, a company that makes a great chair, or an artist who creates beautiful sculptures. We see ourselves as web practitioners, artisans, or specialists if you will.

We do interfaces while creating the software & strategy behind them. No matter if the device is a desktop, tablet, or mobile, we solve unique solutions by crafting websites, applications, and cloud services for ourselves and others.

9th never overlooks what really matters: The basics. Great service, ease of use, honesty, and transparency. Those principles are what we hold dear, we expect them from ourselves and the folks we work with.

We are straight-talking interface, design, and usability creatives who strive to get the most out of any project. The products we craft and the services we provide, simply generate results and better online experiences.


Client services are limited.



Chicago, IL