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One Belief.

Clarity is king, we build & design useful yet gorgeous interfaces for the web & mobile. 9th never overlooks what really matters: The basics. Great service, ease of use, honesty, and transparency. Those principles are what we hold dear, we expect them from ourselves and the clients we work with.

We are friendly, reliable, straight-talking interface design and usability creatives who strive to help you get the most out of any project. Our focus is on improving usability and achieving your business goals with simplistic and elegant solutions. Our services simply generates results for our clients and better online experiences for their customers.

Client Support: Email "[email protected]" or call/text (872) 216-3360

We don't work 24/7, but we work hard.

We don't claim to be geniuses or industry leaders, but we work smart.

We do interfaces while creating the software & strategy behind them. We don't extend, over promise, or mismanage.

Why? Because we think companies that claim they can do everything actually excel at nothing. That's why we choose to focus on what we know and do it right.

We are extremely picky when it comes to who we work with. This probably seems backward, especially considering we're a shop that sells services. But we believe that our passion breeds great work. Chasing the dollar creates a disconnection from the client, which is the complete opposite of what 9th is attempting to accomplish. Trusting us with your project creates an intimate relationship. We handle your budget with care, ensuring our belief to create what's best for your project aligns 100% with your goals.

Simplicity and experience remain to be our #1 focus. We build products for people, we don't care about being the first to the newest tech hype. We believe in being thoughtful and providing the simplest & the best possible solution for our clients.

Your Part
We work with smart clients who understand that it's the customer, not org-charts or office politics, that matters most. These clients are hard to find, so when we get them we treat them well.

We are not for everyone
We expect our clients to work with a budget. We often advise some inquiries to use popular website building platforms like Square Space or Weebly over committing to a 9th project. This is due to the consideration of their current stage in regards to achieving their business goals. We like to see others succeed, so we are often honest, we give advice on what we would do. Sometimes using a website building platform over a design firm is just the best current solution for your budget and your business.

We create when we feel the urge. Not attempting to build the next "viral" application, or striving for the glam and tech label of a "Unicorn" (a startup company valued at over $1 billion).

We don't act on every idea, but if one attracts our passion, will, and logical thought. We will strive for it.

This translates into our One Belief of doing what we want. Focused solely on feeding our creativity. Working from a sense of desire instead of obligation. We work happily and remain deeply invested, in anything we place our time & focus into.

Creators Of

M0VE allows you to craft delightfully simple events. All while connecting socially, accepting payment with ease, & growing your following.

Coming Soon to IOS & Android

This diverse platform mixes social features to expose your event to it's fullest promotional potential, while powerful enough to manage every aspect of your event's online needs! We are the first of its kind to truly blend a social experience with a marketplace. M0VE allows you to display your events through your own unique/custom page to express your brand. M0VE allows likes, comments, plus more! Allowing your event to truly connect with its audience.


Price varies after consultation & depends on project's complexity.
Copy Writing Services available for all options (Additional Fee)
- 9th's Refine Best for those in need of just minor tweaks, or massive usability improvements, or an overall redesign. SCHEDULE TODAY
  • Custom Design
  • E-commerce Options (Entire site only)
  • Hosting (Entire site only)
  • Domain Email (Example: [email protected])
- Complete Build Ideal for those starting a new. We can design your project from scratch, without a major investment. SCHEDULE TODAY
  • Included 9th's Refine Incentives
  • Web Site Or Mobile App Build ( Or Both )
  • IOS + Android Submission (Optional)
  • Database + Hosting Management
  • Monthly Maintenance + Content Additions + More
- Fill In CTO We're apart of the team, offering all services available for your project. SCHEDULE TODAY
  • Included All Incentives
  • Graphic Design + Copy Writing Support
  • Legal + SEO Optimization
  • Weekly Consultations
  • Weekly Maintenance + Content Additions + More

We have the right package for you

9th now offers "one page in one week", perfect for events, promotional marketing, or simple redesigns. 9th will produce a custom designed, responsive page, within a week.

  • Why Hire Us?

    As business owners ourselves, we understand the budgetary and time constraints that companies face. We’ll help you define your goals in clear, concrete terms and then work with you to deliver a realistic, affordable, business-savvy design solution that was inspired by your vision.

    Our thoughtfulness is our strong point. Through research, we demonstrate our care for your brand. While considering your goals and being tactical in our approach, 9th truly strives for your business to succeed. We are here for the long haul. Working side by side with you as you take the next step forward in your goal pursuit. We pride ourselves on the level of personal contact we provide our clients. You’ll always be able to talk directly to the people working on your project as frequently as needed, including weekly consultations plus other added benefits.

    We treat you with care. Reach Out Now.


    We keep it simple! Having a stack ready for you allows you and us to focus solely on launching your project, rather than getting hung up on the complexities of searching through the vast amount of technologies available.

    Having your designers & developers at one spot is a huge convenience, but we do more. Naturally having an entrepreneurial spirit, @9th, we focus on low costs while providing high quality. We handle & monitor development add ons, along with hosting, & user traffic control. Keeping your project as inexpensive as possible we focus on assisting you build a business.

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